The Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation is an umbrella organization uniting local homeowners, tenant, and condominium associations.

The purpose of the Confederation is to:

  1. Serve as an advocate for, and a voice of, the people who call the Naperville area their home;  

  2. To create an awareness of residents' needs by developing and maintaining relationships with all levels of government including national, state, city, counties, townships, and school and park districts;

  3. To support member associations with their organizational and program needs - fostering an interchange of ideas, resources, and information between and among individual homeowners associations;

  4. To build, through a cooperative effort, a community dedicated to the enhancement of our property; and

  5. To provide a forum for homeowner concerns and interests.

The NAHC best serves our community by providing the means to foster communication between member associations, homeowners, and government officials. Through communication, networking and neighbors-helping-neighbors, the Confederation is the vehicle through which we, as homeowners, can stay abreast of community affairs and generate a positive influence on our area's future. Your Confederation Board is committed to open communication, and, united with our membership, will strive to ensure that the Confederation continues as a key voice in our community!

Visit the official Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation website at: http://www.napervillehomeowners.com

or contact us via e-mail at: nahc-naperhomeowners@wowway.com